What is the main priority?

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1.I like the reasoning for 1)

2.2) most people don't leave their computer powered on 24/7. If 70% of coins were turned off, then anyone with only 30% of the coins would be able to 51% attack every decision.

You will be able to vote without human involvement?

3.If the captcha exists after this post it will be my last and final on this forum!!! Super annoying!


Voting requires a human to read the question "Did Obama win presidency" and then to find out, and vote "yes" or "no".
We will not use software to auto-vote. If such software was available, it would be avoided in most cases, because all the voters are trying to trick each other into voting wrong.

My personal opinion is that we should allow some auto-votes, because the price of software is so much lower than the price of humans. It doesn't work in every situation, but it works in some.

There might be other reasons auto-voting software is bad. P. Sztorc was advising me against it once, but I don't totally remember why...


I did not get why people have to be online 24/7, if they can vote (preferably in person) in a long timeframe (days/weeks). And how the 'need' for Votecoins' holders to be online is connected/explains the need for 2 coins, but those are minor issues....

The good part is:
- You do not actually plan any artificial 'reputation' variables associated with the 'voter accounts'
- You have at least one capable/willing/funded developer (toast), so the chances to see this project finished are better than they were 1 or 2  months ago.

I will keep an eye on the project and
Good Luck!