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The Cryptophilanthropist

Greetings to all,
I am new to Hive and have read much of the available material to date and am greatly interested. I have started this topic in an effort to provide a "place to land" for those newly interested. A "TL;DR" so to speak regarding where things are and are headed.

It would be greatly appreciated if those who are helping with development might post at least a few summations from time to time.

I would be interested in providing assistance although my technical expertise is modest at best. However I do have fairly significant computing resources on hand to lend to the cause.  :)

Thank you and be well!


Welcome to the forum

Last I tried running the truthcoin code, it seemed to function well, but there wasn't a network for it to connect to, so I couldn't test many pieces.
There are 3 other teams that I know of that are building truthcoin implementations besides BitcoinHivemind. My project is called Flying Fox, which is in Erlang. I am mostly working alone. There are 2 truthcoin projects on Ethereum: GroupGnosis and Augur.


Hello Cryptophilanthropist,

I apologize for our lack of Roadmap. My experience has been that adding new helpers consumes more overall time than it saves...but that does not excuse my failure to lay out something so basic. I am drafting a version as we speak and will probably finish it up in a day or two.

It will (hopefully) include some descriptions of where everything is, and what the various classes are, and what I plan to do, and what I hope other people will do. Then, I'll probably post weekly updates.

Nullius In Verba

The Cryptophilanthropist

Many thanks @psztorc and @zack !!
I must commend the documentation that is/has been presented as it stands, an impressive volume to say the least. In sharing with others what I gleaned from the essays I found that most people were either short on comprehending the nature of it or I was deficient in my ability to put things in layman's terms. Likely that it is a combination of the two :)
Brilliant work, I believe the analogous slides were most effective for those new to the concept.

I look forward to the updates and am anxious to share with others.

                                                                               Much respect, The Cryptophilanthropist