How can I run hivemind?

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I have downloaded and built the app from
Everything compiles and and hivemind-qt runs, but it doesn't connect to any peers.
I've tried testnet and regtest. Testnet doesn't connect to any peers. I tried regtest, and was able to generate some block and create a branch but couldn't create a vote.

Any advise on how to get this running?


Sorry, recovering from ScalingBitcoin HK...long flight, you know?

We've recently created a new dedicated node, and new guidelines on how to create and run your own node. It would probably be most helpful for everyone if you used the GitHub issues tracker to track any issues.

Voting happens very rarely, and you can only vote *on* Decisions after they have been created. Does that help?

Nullius In Verba


It say "out of sync".
How do I check if I downloaded blocks?
Here is my address if you have test coins: 1L1AsA9AFEGQmR5tDR1x36di7ZaVsJFmSJ


It is looking great so far.
I am able to use hivemind-cli to check how many blocks I have, and my balance.