Interview - Mark Edge from Free Talk Live

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Corresponded with Mark Edge today...he wanted to one one of his fast podcasts interviews on the spot.

I haven't listened to it yet, I definitely rambled a little. Still, short and to the point.
Nullius In Verba


Did he pronounce your last name correctly? Maybe I have been saying it wrong. I thought it was like "stork" not "storts"


That was a great interview.   Took complex And simplified for the audience.  You've done well at distilling it for the general public!  Hopefully more of this to come. 


I'm glad you guys liked it.

I asked "So, when are we doing the interview?", and he more or less said "We've already started!"
Nullius In Verba


It was a great description about what truthcoin is. Paul, you have nicely elaborated/extended some part of the conversation to clarify which was very nice. "Truthcoin prediction market for election 2016"- that's a legitimate goal. :)