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I am getting this error: connect() to failed after select(): Connection refused (111)



I'm running a node at . It is stuck at "4 days behind" because right now (for testing reasons) no one is mining.

Unless your technical skill is very high (enough to contribute), you might want to wait another few weeks or so to run the code. Instead I would recommend reading all of the documentation (which is much more stable...most of it hasn't changed at all in over a year). I'd just hate to waste your time.
Nullius In Verba


Thank you for the response.

I will get into the documentation, as suggested.

Not to worry about my time though, as I am l learning as I go and it's very much enjoyable  :)


Oh hey pardon me I mined a little bit but have now ceased.  It was cool to see when I was connected to the hard coded dns seed prior and when I connected to your node after that it rolled back the balance of coins I had.  Maybe 4 days prior, as you say. 

I was mostly learning about bitcoin core using truthcoin honestly, how to use command line options and looking at things there.  But now I will be looking into the specifics of this project. Thanks again, best wishes. 8)


Well it looks like somebody is mining it.