oracles in channels

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It is possible to put the oracle into channels, just like all the bets!!!

This means that 2 people can make a bet with each other, and have their bet secured by the blockchain, without ever publishing the bet onto the blockchain.

This will be very useful in employment relationships where the employer and employee don't know each other and are doing something secretive. Truthcoin will be best at funding public goods, and super-secret private goods too.


Truthcoin style turing completeness, inside of flying fox, will be far more scalable than ethereum's turing completeness.

One of the major limitations with ethereum is that all the contracts run on the same thread. It is impossible to have different contracts compute in parallel.

If we put oracles into channels we can overcome this limitation, because each oracle only looks at a subset of contracts, but we have to accept a different limitation.

With ethereum it is possible to have more than 2 people share a contract, and to own state between them.
If we only use 2-party channels, then we can only have state between pairs of people.

So channels work fine for prediction market applications, but it wont work for things like sub-currencies.

truthcoin style turing complete contracts can be written in English instead of a programming language.
Truthcoin doesn't have a built-in scripting language, so you can use any language.


This is going to make is way easier to participate in onion futures.