podcast interview about truthcoin and anarchy

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Very nice, Zack.

I must confess, I was laughing to myself at how articulate you were (vs here on the forum).

I particularly liked your example of "two things you can do with money (spending vs investing)", and the concept of the Futarchy politician happily shrugging off the albatross of responsibility (and being some figurehead administrator who does a very clearly-defined and boring task).

And I like the host mentioning "grading on a curve", I think I can use that somewhere.

The protocol actually CAN support non-Binary claims (which track, for example, the dollar exchange rate). It is only slightly less secure, and only slightly more complicated. The Excel sheet and whitepaper describe it, but it is almost certainly best to start small (as far as actual building of the software is concerned).

Good job!
Nullius In Verba


Having Garrett Petersen to smooth out my words made a big difference.