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#15 #### edit: work is happening here now:  ####

It supports:
multisig addresses
creating new pools of votecoins
sending the votecoins to other users
proposing decisions
encrypted vote on decisions
decrypt votes
SVD consensus
web-browser as GUI for everything above ^^^
Prediction markets
buying/selling shares on prediction markets

Next goal:
GUI support for creating prediction markets and trading shares


Not sure if its working... What's going on here?

Then I got this when I tried the latest commit (with the consensus stuff):


Hey, very exciting! Thanks for your hard work.

Re: SVD consensus, I tried to rewrite it in python, awhile ago (it is in pylib), but that version is old. The R stuff is always the latest and greatest.

I will probably try to, separately, code the latest SVD in python, and then we can compare notes.
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martinBrown, when you updated to latest commit, it was working the way I expect it to.
It is a POW blockchain right now, so you have to wait an average of 30 seconds for each block.

SVD consensus
I am using the R code you wrote. Python has a library for running R code,
on ubuntu I think it is: sudo apt-get install python-rpy2


Blocktime is an average of 5 seconds now, so you don't have to be so patient.
I also updated the readme a bit to make it easier to tell what is going on.

For now, there is a 20-block cycle.
1-10: votecoin-holders may give encrypted votes on decisions. (in the final version of truthcoin, this step will take   1000+ blocks)
11-15: votecoin-holders may decrypt their votes
16-20: if there are at least 3 votecoin-holders, and at least 5 decisions they have voted on, then we can do SVD to come to consensus   about these decisions.


I get a syntax error upon the importing: line 252

if len(tx['states']p)!=len(tx['states_combinatory'])+1:
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Quote from: psztorc on July 10, 2014, 05:43:40 PM
I get a syntax error upon the importing: line 252

if len(tx['states']p)!=len(tx['states_combinatory'])+1:

I just fixed it. You have to re-download to see my changes.


Cool, I got a node to run.

I had to go to http://localhost:8700 (not 8701) to see anything, and even then I could only see my wallet and balance. I used an old Ubuntu 13.10, will update later today.

I didn't see how to create a jury, or give myself money.
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You can't make a jury till you have enough money. You have to mine at least one block.

If it still doesn't work, copy/paste the error message in the terminal to me.
old ubuntu should be fine, I think this would work on mac/windows too.


How do I mine a block? I want to try it out!
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When I start the program by running: "python"
It mines 3 blocks within the first 10 seconds.

I am feeling un-confident about explaining how to use the software via forum posts.

I think the quickest way to do this is for us to used a shared desktop.
I will PM you with more details.


oh! I think I know why your money isn't going above 0.

The web-page doesn't automatically update when you mine new blocks. There is a button that says "refresh".
If you click it, you can see how much more money you mined since the last refresh.
Once you have non-zero money, you can create a branch or ask an existing branch a decision.


The GUI in a browser was pretty annoying to me, so I redid it as a shell interface.
It should be ready in the next couple of days, so I want people to make addresses.
I need at least 4 other people's addresses in order to make a voting pool big enough for us to do the SVD.
I will also give some free coins to everyone who goes to the trouble of making an address.

In the file "" you need to change the line that says "brainwallet = 'brain wallet' "
the 'brain wallet' part should be replaced with your password of choice.

The command "my_address" will tell you your address.

I don't have windows to test with.


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The testnet is running.
We can make bets and do SVD and everything.

It is POW blockchain by SHA256.
It uses the the same elliptic curve as bitcoin to secure addresses. #### edit: work is happening here now: ####