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Does anyone know who owns /r/truthcoin ?

This community is too small, and has too-little daily news to actually support a subreddit, but I thought I would reserve it. However, someone else has reserved it already. In fact, they must have reserved it a long time ago, because I remember checking in April or so.

I did reserve /r/truthc0in, though, in case the owner of /r/truthcoin  can't be reached.
Nullius In Verba


I don't know who reserved r/truthcoin. However, I reserved r/predictionmarket some time ago. If anyone is interested in the use of it, let me know...


I also took /r/TheTruthcoin

I contacted the mods of /r/Truthcoin a few days ago, but still no response.
Nullius In Verba


The Dyffy team is calling their implementation "Decider".
So is Decider the first implementation of truthcoin?
or is decider a different prediction market protocol entirely from truthcoin?

Are we diverging into 2 name-spaces purposefully?


You'll have to ask them. I never really know what they're doing.
Nullius In Verba