decentralized bitcoin prediction market

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That's pretty cool. Their twitter is from June 2009 ?! That's quite an amazing amount of foresight.

The video was uploaded recently, but contains content that suggests the website was created in 2012 (see 1:58), although at the end there are some about Kiev and ISIS. Floating text has been added referencing RealityKeys and Counterparty.

In general its pretty confusing to figure out what their status is. Even the name makes it impossible to find their organization without hitting a million "predict the stock market tomorrow". Can you find any more information about this?

This search was the best I could do (and it hit nothing): """ "tomorrow market" "prediction market" bitcoin """
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This video was a good pitch for laymen on the benefits of prediction markets, but it didn't address the 'judging' aspect except a brief mention of trusted oracles in the bottom header. I don't see how this would be different from existing btc pms.