Truthcoin Meetup - July 12th

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I recently moved to the Bay Area, which seems like the place to find like minded individuals interested in Truthcoin. I think a meetup for Prediction Markets, with a particular focus on distributed PMs, could be a good way to coordinate and spur development.

I've already talked to a few people who were interested in meeting and discussing Truthcoin/Prediction Markets in general, and I will also promote it to the Bitcoin groups in the area.  We'll test this out for the next month or two and see if there is traction and interest in regular discussions, otherwise ad hoc meetups could also work.

If you're in San Francisco join us this Saturday. And for everyone who isn't currently enjoying 70 degree weather (seriously, the CA climate is not overrated) I'll make sure to take notes and post them online.


I would happily attend, but unfortunately I am attending a wedding in Rhode Island that weekend.

My friends and I could join via Skype, but the groom is a close friend so we'll probably all be heavily intoxicated, for pretty much the whole weekend.
Nullius In Verba


Awesome, we'll make sure to hold another one shortly when there are less odds of you being drunk